Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Our first visit to the Grand Canyon was nothing short of amazing. We didn’t have time to do any hiking or camping, but we lucked out with a day tour from Flagstaff that we had booked in advance. Our guide, a man named David Reed, showed up in a van that morning to pick us up from our hotel, and to our amazement, he told us we were the only people on the tour that day. So, Tim and I had a private tour with a fantastic guide all day long.

I’ll never forget our first glimpse of the canyon- David had us cover our eyes and led us by the hands to a viewing point. When he had us exactly where we needed to be, he told us to remove our hands. There, in one instant, the entire canyon had opened up in front of us. Since we didn’t see any glimpses of the canyon walking up to it, our first view was full on.

He took us to the best viewing spots during the day, and before sunset, we had dinner and wine at the only restaurant on the rim of the Grand Canyon. After dinner we sat outside and enjoyed the sunset.

During the drive back to the hotel, David stopped at a few places to star gaze and share stories about extraterrestrial activity reported in the area.

It was fascinating, and, over 4 years later, I still can’t believe what a fantastic day we had at the Grand Canyon.

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