Our Mission

Live Unconventionally

We aim to dispel the myth that you have to either sacrifice your career or work full-time while traveling. We save up money aggressively during the years we are not traveling in order to fund extended time off. We also seek jobs that require travel so we can accrue points and miles from loyalty programs that we can then redeem for free or discounted travel.

Travel Responsibly

We make responsible travel a top priority by avoiding activities that exploit animals or humans. This includes, but isn’t limited to, elephant riding, tiger kingdoms, orphanage tourism, etc. Instead, we seek out authentic experiences with wildlife and the local communities we visit. We want to connect our readers with such experiences, as well, so we can all travel respectfully.

Leave it Cleaner

We follow a simple rule for doing good in a small way wherever we go. It’s easy – if we see a piece of trash, we pick it up and dispose of it responsibly (recycling if available). We want to leave every place we visit a little bit cleaner.

Tell the Story

This blog is our primary personal avenue for sharing our experiences. We want to inspire others to not only travel, but to live more boldly. Our writing and our pictures are our main tool in this effort. Sarah is also free-lancing in order to share our passions with a wider audience.