This is a travel blog about an adventurous couple who love exploring new places, cultures, foods and people.

In 2014 we took a year long sabbatical to travel the world. We visited all 7 continents, including 23 countries, over the course of eleven months. In 2018 we are going to make another go around- this time going longer (20 months) and further (nearly 40 countries). In the meantime, we continue to travel as much as we can. We chose the idea of an “odyssey” for both its literal meaning (that of a long journey full of adventures) as well as its literary association. Our use of the name of the epic ancient poem by Homer conveys our belief that travel and wandering have been inherent to the human spirit since antiquity- after all, that’s how we came to populate so much of our planet. We strive to maintain this spirit in both our travels, and, more fundamentally, in our lives. We believe this blog title can continue to inspire us, and perhaps our readers as well, to answer the ancient call to wander.

Welcome to our journey!

-Tim & Sarah