Beautiful Botswana

Botswana can be unforgiving. The heat weighs on you midday like a thick blanket you can't crawl out of. Your skin becomes dry and scaly with faint lines mimicking the veins of the Okavango Delta, with its sprawling channels evaporating into the Kalahari Desert. Grocery stores run out of water, which you feel you can … Continue reading Beautiful Botswana

Tanzania & Malawi – From the Serengeti to Lake Malawi

If you have ever heard anything about Tanzania or even Africa in general, you've probably heard about the iconic Serengeti in Tanzania. The venue of countless nature documentaries and the subject of a very famous song about rain in Africa, the Serengeti is synonymous with African safari. By contrast, you've probably heard relatively little about … Continue reading Tanzania & Malawi – From the Serengeti to Lake Malawi

Uganda Be Kidding Me

Irreverent and lacking cultural sensitivity, Chelsea Handler does not disappoint in her take on a travelogue, documenting her ridiculous stories from various global travels. She is hilarious and inappropriate and not for the uptight. I love her and would recommend any of her books to nearly anyone!

The Spider’s House

Paul Bowles is generally a recommended author for those traveling to Morocco. “The Spider’s House,” however, was painfully dry for me. Originally written in French, the translation in this particular edition was difficult to follow and the story itself not very gripping. I never finished this book and wouldn’t recommend it.