What to Expect: Visiting the DMZ Between North and South Korea

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23 thoughts on “What to Expect: Visiting the DMZ Between North and South Korea

  1. Madame Writer says:

    I feel bad for the soldiers who literally have to stand in that room for hours while tourists stare at them…what a boring life. But still, brilliant post! I enjoyed reading it. I didn’t know that tourists were no longer let into North Korea, but then again I’m not surprised.


  2. carrieemann says:

    I did this tour about eight years ago and it was definitely one of the more memorable travel experiences of my life! the soldier in the conference room looks pretty chill though — do they still have to stand in the martial arts stance the whole time, ready to strike any tourist who breaks the rules?

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  3. Ruth says:

    Had no idea what to expect on a tour like this. Didn’t know you have to sign paperwork and everything. I find it interesting that photos are allowed but you have to leave other belongings on the bus. Did the place felt hostile? Did you feel free to walk around and take photos?

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    • our21stcenturyodyssey says:

      It didn’t feel hostile, per se, but you aren’t free to walk around for photos. They keep you in a small group under military supervision the whole time and instruct you when it’s ok to take photos. Very interesting experience!


  4. josypheen says:

    I used to live in Japan, so I had quite a few friends who did a similar (or maybe it was the same) tour as you… I find the whole thing both simultaneously interesting and depressing.

    It is an experience you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren about though! Goodness… I hope the world is a little more sorted and safer by then!

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  5. Nafisa Habib says:

    This kind of trip helps to learn a lot about the past history, at the same time not so welcoming for all. This destination seems to me interesting to explore but don’t know how much comfort I’ll really feel with heavy military presence. However, worth to take something different experiences.

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    • our21stcenturyodyssey says:

      It definitely is not a “comfortable” tourist experience (and it really feels weird to think that they have tourists here at all), but the officers on the South Korean side were really nice and friendly to us, and our military guide shared a lot of stories and had a good sense of humor 🙂


  6. Richa says:

    I wish I would have visited DMZ while I was in S. Korea. Although my husband went there I had to skip it. I am sure it must have been quite an interesting experience, especially with all that is going on politically having to see N. Korea even from far is something.


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