Sailing (yes, sailing) in Colorado


  • Thursday: Fly to Denver, CO
  • Friday: Drive to Pueblo Reservoir, sailing
  • Saturday: Sailing
  • Sunday: Fly back to ATL

Dates: September 8-11, 2016

Our Odyssey: 

Last weekend Tim and I traveled to Colorado (September 8-11) to embark on a new adventure. A few weeks ago Tim finalized a business deal with a couple he’s known since he was in middle school (the parents of 2 of his best friends). Now, he’s a partial owner of a charter sailboat company in Colorado! Next spring Alpena Alpenglow Charters will debut on Lake Dill Dillon near Breckinridge in the great Rocky Mountains!

Last weekend we traveled out to meet the boat and learn how to sail with Rich and Barb on Pueblo Reservoir. It was a fantastic weekend- we got to visit two of our friends who used to live in Madison (hi Chick and Pope!), stopped by the house Tim grew up in in Littleton (4th picture here), and then spent two days and nights aboard the gorgeous sailboat learning to sail.

Pictures: 1) Tim and me with Adam and his wife, Sarah. Adam is one of Rich and Barb’s two sons, and will also be officiating our wedding! 2) The dam at Pueblo Reservoir 3) Tim learning how to set up the sails 4) Tim at his childhood home next to the tree his mom and dad planted 5) Rich teaching Tim a thing or two

What a fantastic weekend!

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