Maria and Sarah Take Vegas!


They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I think this may be
true for the simple fact that it’s so hard to actually remember all the things
you do in Vegas, thanks to the combination of no sleep, alcohol, and non-stop
sensory overload.

So, this post will be appropriately brief. My good friend Maria
and I spent Memorial Day weekend gambling, dancing and making friends with
strangers in Las Vegas. This was my fourth trip to Sin City and Maria’s third,
and the best ever for each of us! One thing that made this trip so great was
reconnecting with Maria- we were inseparable when we started at our old company
together, but when she moved to Chicago and I then took a trip around the
world, it was harder to keep in touch. This year we’ve gotten to see each other
a lot, and my hunch that she would be the perfect Vegas partner was 100% true!

We stayed at Treasure Island, which was a great fit for us since
it had a laid back, non-clubby atmosphere throughout the whole resort, and all
the bars were fun and lively.

In short, we:

  • Danced a lot at
    country-themed bars
  • Got invited to, and
    attended for free, Hard Rock’s Rehab pool party and watched Ke$ha perform! It
    was fantastic!
  • Played on an adult
    playground in downtown Vegas called the Container Park- complete with steep,
    scary slides and bars
  • Gambled a ton, and walked
    away from the weekend breaking even (which in Vegas is a total win)
  •  Both, independent of one
    another, missed our flights home.

As for the rest, you’ll have to use your wildest imagination.

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