New Name, Bigger Vision

You may have noticed our name change. Previously International Exploration, we are now embarking upon Our 21st Century Odyssey. During our six months of international travel, our vision for this blog has expanded beyond merely travels abroad, as our vision for our own travels in the future include more plans for exploring domestically. We believe that this new name better reflects our shared passion for life-long travel and adventure. We chose the idea of an “odyssey” for both its literal meaning (that of a long journey full of adventures) as well as its literary association. Our use of the name of the epic ancient poem by Homer conveys our belief that travel and wandering have been inherent to the human spirit since antiquity- after all, that’s how we came to populate so much of our planet. We want to maintain this spirit both in our travels, and, more fundamentally, in our lives. We believe our new blog title can continue to inspire us, and perhaps our readers as well, to answer the ancient call to wander.

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