A year in a 65 liter pack

One of our first challenges in planning our trip was getting the gear and clothing we would need for a full year of travel, while keeping budget in mind.

We went to REI for our most of our purchases, and we bought a lot of the same items for us to each have one.

Sarah’s clothing:

  • hiking pants- 1
  • rain jacket- 1
  • rain pants- 1
  • button downs that double for both outdoor and daily use- 2
  • long underwear- 1
  • quick drying underwear- 6
  • pullovers/sweaters- 2
  • running shorts- 1
  • hiking shorts- 1
  • jean shorts- 1
  • yoga pants (to double as black tights to wear when I need to look more dressed up)- 1
  • scarf- 1
  • wool socks- 3 pairs
  • other socks- 3 pairs
  • camisoles- 2
  • sports bras- 2
  • standard bra- 1
  • jeans- 1
  • nice tops for going out- 2
  • dress- 1
  • warm hat- 1
  • gloves- 1 pair
  • hiking boots- 1 pair
  • flip flops- 1 pair
  • black flats- 1 pair
  • swimsuit- 1
  • Northface jacket- 1

Sarah’s “stuff”:

  • metal fork
  • inflatable travel pillow
  • travel towel
  • hanging toiletry bag w/mirror
  • 65 liter pack
  • pack rain cover
  • caribiners (a few)
  • travel “cubes”- basically water proof compressable zippered containers that allow you to separate and organize your items. More detais on these later.
  • headlamp
  • ear plugs
  • shampoo/wash- I’m using a combination of Dr. Brommer’s multi-purpose soap, as well as dry soap strips that foam in water, all available at REI.
  • conditioner
  • make-up- I don’t wear much to begin with, but I’m bringing a B&B cream with 30 SPF, brown and black eyeliner, blush, mascara, concealer, and 2 varieties of eye shadows.
  • lotion
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • first aid kit
  • wet wipes
  • travel prescriptions (malaria pills, antibiotics, etc).
  • Diva cup- great, eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. Easy to use and takes up virtually no space or weight in my pack. It’s reusable and to clean it you only need to boil it in water. I can’t say enough how much I love this product.
  • Feminine urinary director- basically a funnel so I can more comfortably pee while hiking/camping or in more unique bathroom situations. 🙂
  • extra passport photos
  • ID bracelet- in case we get ourselves into a sticky situation where we aren’t conscious to identify ourselves and our emergency contacts in a medical emergency or natural disaster
  • passport (of course!)
  • vaccination record

Sarah’s electronics:

  • iPod touch
  • Nexus 7 tablet


All told, I spent $1803 on new gear and equipment. This is a lot of money, no doubt, but a few things to keep in mind:

  • I didn’t own most of this stuff to begin with
  • This includes the cost of expensive individual items (a pack, hiking boots, rain gear, a tablet and an iPod)

Tim’s list is similar with some variations (obviously he’s not bringing a Diva cup, for example), but is largely the same. We hope this helps you when thinking about items you’re packing for a similar trip!

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